Passport page cover

Product Code:4930

Thickness:150/200 mcr


The country of manufacture:Ukraine


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All about the product

PVC card holders, inserts sleeves and covers for different documents!

Car registration documents; Passports; Cards; Credit cards; Pocket for vehicle inspection; Insert sleeves; Travel ticket-holders

We will make covers for different documents with the logo printing! We will print on the covers the most important information such as logo, telephone number and website. So, Your brand will look prestigious and attractive.  These holders and sleeves are multi-purpose and can be used for different plastic cards, passports, tickets or vouchers. They will preserve and protect Your product. Also, PVC covers are often used as an accessory.

Types of covers:

1.   Transparent and colourful pockets for passports;

2.   For a credit/debit card;

3.   Pension certificate;

4.   Learner’s/military permits;

5.   Employment record book

6.   Report card;

7.   Driving license;

8.   ID-card;

9.   Certificate of the atomic territorial entity.


RIANNON makes PVC pockets for the inspection ticket or automobile insurance. In addition, we manufacture self-adhesive PVC Pockets for attaching to the windshield inspection ticket and the сcompulsory motor third party liability insurance.

Thickness 150/200 mcr
Manufacturer Riannon
The country of manufacture Ukraine
Material PVC
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