Bags with a twisted handle made of black craft paper

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The country of manufacture:Ukraine

Material:Food craft paper, brown and white colours

Drawings and inscriptions:Your logo and details of your company

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Kraft bags with twisted rope handle

Your product will look presentable in your corporate paper bag. The bag with twisted rope handle has an aesthetic appearance. Presents, souvenirs and advertising materials can be packed in it. Also, it is often used for exhibitions and presentations, in order to make an image of the company that cares about the environment and uses only eco-products. This kind of bad is perfect for beauty products.

Craft paper bag

Nowadays more and more companies are shifting to the eco-packaging of their product and are thereby showing a great example and concern about our environment.

Because paper packaging is safe for nature!


-       Eco-packages

-       Safe for food

-       Looks stylish and expensive

-       Fat and water-resistant

It could be your marketing ploy, in order to attract new customers, who are trying to avoid using plastic bags. Our packaging bags are organic and are made from the completely processed raw materials. The manufacturing process does not harm our environment and eventually bags are 100% disposable. In addition, our factory does not use chlorine, so you can pack the food into our bags. We offer you variety types of paper and kraft bags, to make your products look prestigious and attractive. It is possible to apply flex printing or screen printing on finished bags that are available in stock.

1.    Fast food paper bags

2.    Fast food paper flat bottom bags

3.    With a twisted rope handle

4.    With flat handle

5.    Laminated paper bags


Offers: Rope, bands and paper handles different colours; Bags different types and strength

Manufacturer Riannon
The country of manufacture Ukraine
Material Food craft paper, brown and white colours
Drawings and inscriptions Your logo and details of your company
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