Ring rope tape

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The country of manufacture:Ukraine

Drawings and inscriptions:logo and your company details

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Ring rope tape - a colourful ribbon with a printed image. It is made of white or pearl polypropylene. As a rule, it does not have an adhesive layer and is delivered in rolls. It is intended for enclosing territories during exhibitions and for decorating rooms. You can order a tape from us with bearing your company logo or any other information on it.

Riannon produces adhesive tape with the logo on the top and bottom. Adhesive tape size 48mm * 66m * 45mk. Production according to the individual sizes of the customer is possible. Our production is characterized by a fast speed of execution of orders and low cost of goods. We also take full responsibility for the quality of execution and the timing of the production of your orders.

We offer to order from us:

- Brand adhesive tape;

- Labels;

- Dry labels

- Self-adhesive;

- Compatible labels;

- Stickers;

- Ring rope tape;

- Tags and stamps.

Brand adhesive tape is a colourful tape, but with an adhesive base. As a rule, this product contains the company logo of the product manufacturer and information on the special conditions of the action. Its difference from the ring tape lies in its greater functionality: with the help of brand tape you can fasten several products participating in the action and convey the manufacturer’s slogan to potential buyers, for example: “Two for the price of one!’’

Manufacturer Riannon
The country of manufacture Ukraine
Drawings and inscriptions logo and your company details
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